• Empower

    Often we forget that we have control of most situations. Many times we allow people or issues to derail us instead of realizing there may be a solution.

  • Self Esteem
    Self Worth

    Everyone’s self-esteem gets put to the test one time or another. Yours may be now. You were comfortable at your high school.

  • Emotional Fitness Program

    Get Emotionally Fit!
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  • College

    Going away to college is a new, exciting and anxiety-producing chapter for the entire family.

A place of support and encouragement for freshmen girls who may be feeling out of place, sad, lonely, or just having a hard time adapting to college life...

Everything in life is not so black and white. Some people recognize this early on while others take time to figure this out. The freshzengirl way of thinking is to realize certain things work for some people and others work in different ways. Neither is “right”! It is just finding where you are comfortable and what works for you.

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