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Going away to college is a new, exciting and anxiety-producing chapter for the entire family. Students are nervous about who they will meet, can they keep up, will they make friends, will they like their roommate and will they be able to fit in. Parents are concerned their teens may not make the most appropriate choices because they are not with them to offer their guidance. This transition can be challenging and studies are showing that more college students are dealing with issues of anxiety, depression and related mental health symptoms. Most students experience some form of stress, either academically or socially, especially during freshmen year.

College Comfort© gives support and encouragement to the new student as well as instant contact in times of need. Although an in-person counselor is always best, most college counseling offices are swamped from the onset of the new semester and it can be difficult to get an appointment immediately. College Comfort© offers the communication with a Licensed Professional Counselor who is available by email, texting and phone for your students to reach out and receive the support they may need in a much shorter period of time. It is a flexible concierge program that allows students to reach out to ask questions or navigate a difficult moment with the help of counselor at their fingertips.

There is a monthly fee for this program and students can sign up on a monthly basis or a full semester or year, based on their needs. An initial face to face appointment is necessary so I can assess whether this program would be suitable for you and alleviate many of the concerns for you and your family.

*This service does not replace face to face counseling services. Should you need further mental health assistance, a referral to the on-campus counseling services or a private counseling center will be recommended. The cost for this service is not covered by insurance.

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