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Stress, anxiety, depression are all issues that can quickly take over and lead you on a downward spiral. Today teens are dealing with social and academic pressures that are greater than ever before. Learning how to be proactive about handling these emotional times before they affect every area of your life is critical for happiness and positive mental health.

We take care of ourselves physically by eating healthy and exercising but tend to ignore ourselves emotionally. We suppress our emotions or put them aside to deal with later. If something upsets us or angers us, we tend to want it to go away as quickly as possible. The problem with ignoring your emotions is the more you try to ignore them, the bigger they become. This leads to anxiety, irritability, depression and even harm to ourselves or others. Emotional fitness is just as important as physical fitness and when we do not take care of ourselves emotionally it can lead to greater and more serious issues. The most susceptible to this is teens.

Emotional Fitness is having an emotional core that is strong, rational and one you can manage and control. It is a foundation within yourself that guides you into a place of being able to handle your emotions, all of them, and understanding their purpose. You will still feel things strongly, good and bad, but be able to identify them, work through them and not allow them to steam roll you.

Emotional Fitness, presented by Freshzengirl©, is a program created by Susan O’Connor, Licensed Professional Counselor, to teach teens how to be more comfortable in social situations, learn how thoughts effect your emotions and to use effective coping skills to manage stress, sadness, fear and anxiety. This program concentrates on the necessary tools to successfully manage emotions in any given situation in a positive and productive way. Additionally, learning how to relax, be mindful and meditate are all ways that are incredibly helpful to calm those emotions and feel more in control. Angie Oberhelman, a Licensed Professional Counselor and LifeForce® yoga instructor, will teach you how to use various techniques to incorporate it into your everyday life. Time management is another area that most teens often overlook. Learning how to productively organize your time, especially in an environment that requires a lot of juggling, is a critical component of the program and will prepare teens for almost any situation.

Social media, cyberbullying, competitiveness, and academic pressures cause extreme anxiety for college freshmen and was the reason for creating this program. But these pressures are real and overwhelming whether you are in middle school, high school or starting your college career, so we now offer it for all different age groups. We have found it to be necessary and effective from teens as young as thirteen to those in their twenties. Emotional Fitness brochure, call us 973-229-5691 or sign up now.