Who is a Freshzengirl?

Everything in life is not so black and white. Some people recognize this early on while others take time to figure this out. The freshzengirl way of thinking is to realize certain things work for some people and others work in different ways. Neither is “right”! It is just finding where you are comfortable and what works for you.

We don’t all fit in a box. Some work in the lines, others work outside of them. Big gray areas allow us to see the world and greet each day with flexibility and a perspective that is ever-changing. That’s the great thing – you can always change your mind or reinvent yourself and what you want!

Who is a freshzengirl?

  1. A young woman who is in her senior year of high school, just graduated or in her freshman year of college.
  2. A young woman who seeks overall wellness physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and academically.
  3. A young woman who is not sure where she fits in or hasn’t found her “place” yet.
  4. A young woman who is seeking help or information because she may be struggling with some issues that are interfering with her social and academic success.
  5. A young woman who may be feeling lonely or homesick and wants to connect or talk with others who are feeling the same way.