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College Confidence – Get Emotionally Fit for Freshmen Year!

The emotional well-being of incoming freshmen this year was at the lowest it has been in decades. Too many students away at college, across the country, are dealing with issues of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues but are not able to receive the help and support they need because the counseling services (CAPS)…
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Time to face it – Relationship Abuse is real

When you are in high school or college, that first or second relationship is the most important one of your life.  You obsess over ever text, every moment spent together is rehashed in your mind and the anticipation of the next time you are together is overwhelming. You look forward to the future and where…
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Happy Holidays Eating Disorder!

Holidays can be difficult and stressful for anyone, but for someone with an eating disorder, it can be especially difficult.  It can be overwhelming to come home from college or even return from treatment and have to be faced with family gatherings, parties, social situations and food everywhere.  Many holiday traditions center around various types…
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What Happened to Kindness?

Bullying, violence, assault; these are all words we are too familiar with today. When did kindness become something we had to consciously think about? We are no longer kind to ourselves or others. Everything is a competition, whether it is outwardly with others around us or within our minds comparing looks, successes or achievements. We…
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