Self Esteem / Self Worth

Everyone’s self-esteem gets put to the test one time or another. Yours may be now. You were comfortable at your high school. People knew you, you might have had a certain group of friends, activities you were a part of, your parents or other support was right there for you whenever you needed it. Now you are away at school, seeing all new people with all different personalities, shapes and sizes, and interests. You don’t know where you fit in and it makes you question yourself.

  1. Do people like me?
  2. Do I have to go along to get along?
  3. What if I can’t find any friends?
  4. What if no one has the same interests as me?
  5. What if guys don’t want to hang out with me?
  6. What if no one thinks I am attractive?
  7. What if I can’t find anyone who I really like?

The hardest part of being a being away at school and not knowing anyone or very few people is putting yourself out there. Having enough nerve and confidence to meet new people and embrace new situations. There is always somewhere for you to fit in. It may take a few tries but eventually you will find a place for yourself. The best way to meet people is through common interests!

  • Join club or activity
  • Join the student gym
  • Join a sorority
  • Ask classmates to study with you or form a study group
  • Attend a religious service
  • Get a job on campus where you will interact with a lot of people each day.

Another part of having really good self-esteem is taking care of yourself. You are probably great at taking care of others, but never put your own needs first! That doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you confident! Being the best you allows you to be in a great place to then share with others. Put your oxygen mask on first and then help others put theirs on so you can all do well!

  • Get enough rest
  • Eat healthy and well
  • Exercise – whether it be walking, yoga, dancing, running, sports, etc., anything that gets your body moving!
  • Do things you like to do – watch TV, read a book, go to the movies, draw, write (whatever your hobby is even if no one else likes to do it.) Don’t give up your interests to fit in!
  • Have a voice! If there is something someone has done to upset you, discuss it with them or confront them! That doesn’t give you license to go off on them or be cruel, but let them know how they made you feel. You will feel better for getting it out and you may be surprised at the outcome!
  • Stay in touch with good friends and family from home. Always good to have that support and encouragement when you might need it.