Empower yourself!!

Who has the power? YOU HAVE THE POWER!
Often we forget that we have control of most situations. Many times we allow people or issues to derail us instead of realizing there may be a solution. We allow our emotions to get the best of us and our first instinct is to shut down or RUN! We get completely overwhelmed and end up doing nothing because we get stuck in a tornado of emotions. YOU have the power to change the current situation!

If you are not happy with your roommate – change it! Try to come to an understanding or an agreement that works for both of you. If you truly cannot agree, go to your Resident Advisor or the Housing Department to see if it is possible to switch or get a single room. If that is not an option, see if one of your friends will allow you to stay with her a few times during the week. Solutions!

If you find your classes overwhelming – change it! Make a schedule for yourself. A calendar of when you need to do homework or study for upcoming tests or assignments. Have a schedule in your phone or on a piece of paper. This helps to organize your thoughts and your time. Some people may only need a weekly schedule, others may need a daily or even hourly for each day to help keep them on track.. Doing a little each day so it decreases the stress! Solutions!

Your friends are out partying every night but you are falling behind in school work –change it! Recognize that partying every night is fun but you have a responsibility to do your work as well. Going out can be your reward for school work completed. Either keep the “fun time” to the weekends or maybe one night during the week so you are refreshed for your classes and can focus on things that need to get done. Solutions!

You are having trouble meeting people – change it! Ask someone from one of your classes to study or go to lunch after class. Join an activity/club on campus. Go to the on-campus gym. Get a job at the front desk of the dorm. Join a sorority. These are all ways to reach out to others and have the opportunity to meet new people. Even if you are not out-going, the common interest or need to greet others will be enough to start a conversation.

Although everyone and every situation is different, 99 percent of the time, there will be a viable solution to the problem! It is important to take a step back, try and take the emotion out of it and come up with a solution that is realistic and will make the situation more manageable.

Who has the power? YOU HAVE THE POWER!